Innovation Ecosystem



In the last 10 years, the indissoluble alliance of Academia-Government-Industry through the triple helix model has managed to make Nuevo Leon a leader state in science, technology and innovation.

The State’s Innovation Ecosystem contains legal, budgetary, strategic and institutional frameworks that ensure its long-term development and implementation, supporting 13 strategic clusters and focusing on building up and strengthen the 4 key capacities defined by the model.

We have identified strategic areas of knowledge decided upon collaboratively with universities, enterprises and the State Government, from which 13 clusters where created in order to center their actions on the promotion of the following areas.

High R + D Intensity

Medium-high R+D Intensity

Human Talent

Innovation Ecosystem

Our state has a solid educational system. We have 4 greatly recognized universities (ITESM, UANL, UDEM y UERRE), more than 300 colleges and universities from which more than 150 thousand students are enrolled at professional-level every year.

Tech-based Businesses

Innovation Ecosystem

Technological Entrepreneurship is one of the quadrants upon which our state has focused strongly, which is why it has created:

Science & Technology Infrastructure

Innovation Ecosystem

Nuevo Leon has the physical resources such as laboratories, equipment, pilot plants and experimentation facilities, necessaries for the development of R&D Projects.

R&D Projects

Innovation Ecosystem

Research and Development lead us to the creation of knowledge which is transferred from research centers to enterprises, becoming science, technology and innovation projects for the development of new products and processes for private enterprises and public entities.
The Joint Fund and the Innovation Stimulus Program support the best projects in Nuevo Leon and have dedicated, to date, more than USD $300 million in prominent projects.