Last Thursday Gathering “Conscious Entrepreneurship” we had great guests and several surprises

We started the night with the Demo Day of Entrepreneurship Tec, where we met some startups aware of today’s problems and how since the beginning of their projects they have contributed to the community, some in health areas, others in environmental issues and some others in education. In addition, we had the opportunity to meet their founders and simulate investing in them through the Inixar platform.

In our second activity we were part of the panel “Undertake with impact, for a more prosperous, fair and inclusive society” where we had Raj Sisodia, Eduardo Garza Junco, Miriam Fernández and Francisco Fernández as guests.

Raj Sisodia defined a conscious company as one formed to positively help its community, the city where it operates, the environment, society, without having to put money into philanthropic causes. On the contrary, social responsibility occurs when companies put money where damage has already been done, to try to heal it.

If you want to revive this panel you can check it out on VENTURE CAFÉ Facebook page – here

To finish the night we had our networking where, through dynamics, the attendees were able to make valuable connections, to learn about new initiatives and share their vision of being conscious entrepreneurs.

With all of this that has been experienced, you cannot miss our next Thursday Gathering “After IncMty” on November 17, where after 3 days of learning, we will  a time to connect, share and develop creatively.


Translation by: Endy Méndez