Let’s harness the power of Artificial Intelligence

In the last Thursday Gathering Innov.AI discussions and activities centered around the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading attendees to comprehend, analyze, and enhance their knowledge of this technology that is already a part of our daily lives.”

First, there was a TechTalk from MTY Digital HUB, where Manuel Ávalos, IBM Account Technical Leader for Monterrey Squad and Master Inventor and Jorge Paz Flores, IBM Watson Solution Architect, detailed through a very informative, interactive and specific presentation, the role of artificial intelligence in organizations. They mentioned that AI should be seen as a tool to be more productive, increase profits, generate quality activities, and expand organizational capabilities, but without failing to take into account security in the management of information.

Afterwards, we were part of a debate “Ethics in artificial intelligence” where, in the style of Celebrity DeathMatch, industry experts discussed the following topics:

Ethics and regulation of AI: there were debaters who considered that it is not necessary to regulate since those who practice ethics are people, not AI. On the other hand, there were those who were in favor of regulation, motivating towards the creation of different rules for different risks.
Employment and automation: When asked if AI will be able to take jobs away from humans, experts mentioned that it will be a matter of people adapting. AI will not replace a person, but a person can be replaced by another person who knows how to use AI because they will have a competitive advantage.
Bias and equity: And in closing, it was questioned whether the AI is racist or discriminates in some way against the answers given. The experts explained that AI is not racist, nor is it good or bad, but it can have a bias according to the way it was trained. They noted that it is important to keep people informed about the way the AI was trained, filtered and managed since, if there are any complaints, everything must be transparent and reliable.

As a last activity we participated in a MARATHON board game, the game where you have to defeat ignorance and on this occasion it was about defeating the Chat GPT tool, where even though the tool was the winner, several lessons were learned:
There is a certain percentage of error on the part of everyone, both people, GPT Chat and even the game itself.
Lastly, there are people with very great intellectual capacities who, if combined with AI, could generate great things.