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The Nuevo León Fund for Innovation (FONLIN) is a fund aimed at supporting innovation-based entrepreneurs and new businesses in their initial incubation and beginning of operations stages in Nuevo León. Its objectives are:

• To promote the development of high-value added products and services.
• To support new businesses created with technology transfer in the State of Nuevo León.
• To support the creation and development of new innovation-based businesses.
• To support companies that have a clear competitive advantage based on Science, Technology and Innovation.
• To support the integration of solid business plans, of products, and technologies with marketing possibilities.

✔ The maximum amount of resources assigned to a proposal is USD $200,000 and it will depend on the project’s characteristics.
✔ The maximum time allowed to develop the project is 24 months.
✔ Registration is permanently open throughout the year.
✔ To qualify for support, businesses must be based in Nuevo León.

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