Strategic Sector
_• Molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases: provide molecular diagnostic service that serves as the basis for the personalized design that meets the therapeutic needs of each patient.
• Diagnostics for high-resolution microscopy and tumor markers: innovate with high-efficiency and efficient diagnostic tests through the application of border techniques.
• Molecular genetics diagnostics and molecular pharmacology development.
• Nanotechnological applications for cell culture and tissue engineering: tissue and cell design using hematopoietic precursors and technological nano compounds.
• Timely clinical diagnosis: provide diagnosis.
• Food bromatological determinations: determine the nutritional quality of food, develop nutrition labels and verify compliance with quality standards.

_• Biosafety Laboratory Level III
• High-resolution microscopy and image analysis
• Molecular Genetics and Diagnostic Laboratory
• Bank of Cells, Tissues and Organs
• Clinical Analysis Laboratory
• Bromatology

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