Tips to Connect with Institutional Clients


  • Establish an End-to-End (E2E) sales process for the company. An example:
  • Get to know the company/business of the client | prepare an empathic dialogue with the client.
  • Identify the value that your business proposal provides to your client | Identify the client´s pain points that will be addressed.
  • Identify and simulate a set of minimum essential uses of your proposed solution that can create value to the client based on his needs.
  • Understand how the client´s organization is structured and who are the decision makers.
  • Prepare / adapt the narrative -sales pitch for each client based on the type of business, industry, context, specific needs, etc.


  • Create the need of a meeting -virtual or in person with the client to present the value proposal. Ensure a balanced dialogue (speak – listen).
  • Confirm opportunities, interests and/or needs of the client.
  • Suggest carrying out a test or proof-of-concept.
  • Establish agreements and next steps.


  • Maintain an active dialogue with the clients that have expressed interest under an agreed timeframe.
  • Always maintain meaningful dialogues with the clients, regardless if a sale has been made or not.