Launch of the MIND4.0 Program Monterrey 2021

  1. The MIND4.0 Program Monterrey 2021 is a program for the Acceleration/Escalation of Entrepreneurs in the Industry with real solutions that involve Industry 4.0 technologies as part of an intense program of work and mentoring by the Nuevo León 4.0 Initiative and through the Smart Linking (industrial/services) to accelerate the development and growth of participants with digital transformation projects.
  2. The Launch of the MIND4.0 Monterrey 2021 Program was presented by Eng. Eduardo Garza T Junco, President of the Governing Council of the Nuevo León 4.0 Initiative and by Eng. Clelia Hernández, General Director of the Nuevo León 4.0 Initiative.
  3. 10 Invited Tractor Companies participate, each with 2 digital transformation projects. They are innovative companies, large or medium, national or transnational, leaders in their sector and with operations legally established in Nuevo León. The Tractor Companies must declare real needs (of Projects) that demand solutions based on 4.0 technologies.
  4. The call for Scaleups was global with the support of international collaboration networks with Nuevo León 4.0. They are legally constituted companies from anywhere in the world, with Industry 4.0 solutions that have completed their stage of technological development and in search of scaling opportunities and access to the global market with leading companies (minimum 2 years operations, with proven resources/capabilities). The Scaleups Companies will review real needs (VI projects) to propose solutions* based on 4.0 technologies. Scaleups companies with the best solutions will be sought: Scaleups companies convened in:
    • Ecosystem Nuevo León 4.0
    • Success cases MIND4.0 and Municipalities 4.0
    • Diffusion in national / global networks
  5. The projected economic spill between Tractor Companies and Scaleups Companies (customer-supplier chains) will be a total of $2.0- $2.5 million USD.
  6. The Program calendar is:
    1. Registry of Tractor Companies, (deadline 06/11)
    2. Register of Scaleups Companies (deadline 07/11)
    3. Selection of Projects (deadline 07/16)
    4. PITCH sessions (deadline 07/23)
    5. Negotiation of projects (deadline 07/30)
    6. Execution of projects (deadline 01/31/22)

Ing. Clelia Hernández Orta

Directora General
Iniciativa Nuevo León 4.0