The Open Innovation Playbook

Today I´d like to share with you information about a new tool that we´ll be soon making available through our website.

A recent blog from our colleague Antonio Rios (15Oct) talks about the concept and the importance of incorporating this open approach to the innovation strategy in our organizations.

The Open Innovation Playbook attempts to provide additional in-depth information and guidelines on how to start incorporating this mindset into the innovation process in companies that strive to be quicker and more efficient to react to the everchanging challenges that they face .

It starts with an open innovation 101 section where we talk about the whats and the whys of this approach, its important to understand what open innovation is, why it brings value to the company, what the advantages are of incorporating different perspectives, different ideas into the innovation process, and to be able to tap into a much broader scope of talent that is not limited only to internal capacities.

Once we are able to see these advantages, we move into the how do we do this , how do we make the connections between our needs and the ideas and talents that are out there? The Playbook presents and explains the different paths that can be taken in our ecosystem, it turns out that there are a number of different approaches and some will be more adequate than others depending on the specific challenge that is addressed. The Playbook explains who these stakeholders are and identifies the different alternatives that are currently available.

How long does this take, how much does this cost? How do I let the innovation and entrepreneurial community know that I need a solution for a challenge that I have?

We hope that the Open Innovation Playbook can have answers for these questions and that it can provide the guidelines and tools that you need to get started.

I invite you to take a look and let us know what you think.

In the mean time, stay creative!