Collaboration in an innovation ecosystem

We have developed innovation and entrepreneurship diagnosis of metropolitan Monterrey, and we have identified that the region has most of the resources needed to become a major player.  Indeed, for innovation capabilities, Monterrey is positioned high in the national rank (compared to Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Querétaro); Monterrey has the highest economic complexity index as well.  Now, one of the recommendations provided is to foster better collaboration among the stakeholders. In this specific element, R&D centers and universities worked with industry, but not with the intensity and results of other regions.

More than 200 public and private R&D centers had been established in Monterrey during the last two decades, and the industry could use its capabilities. In a recent study, companies were asked about their collaboration project with university and R&D centers. The results were their progression in the technology readiness level (TRL) up to three levels and a range of projects from scientific, development, and ready-to-market projects.

These diagnoses are encouraging when compared at the national level, but competition is international, and we need to move faster. Collaboration has been promoted to develop technologies faster by inviting experts to join the project. What can be done to foster better collaborative innovation projects? Is the industry mature enough to share its needs with the R&D centers? Do universities and R&D centers have the latest and best knowledge and technologies to support the industry needs?

We may not have the answers, but the ecosystem is so vibrant and fast that some industries and R&D centers are improving their technologies and innovating.