Who is in charge of developing entrepreneurship?

The MIT REAP program provides a framework for addressing a regional system by developing a strategy to deploy interventions to improve it (MIT REAP, 2021). A common question asked by the five stakeholders (entrepreneurs, university, government, corporate, and risk capital) is who is in charge of developing entrepreneurship?

According to the literature review and the experts’ opinion, the answer is that everybody has some part of the responsibility, and no one can be fully charged for it. During the diagnosis part and the implementation of some of the initiatives, I have seen some groups that “blame!” the academics and the government for their inaction (speaking only for Monterrey´s case.)

The diagnosis for Monterrey showed that the IDEs (innovation-driven enterprises) are created once a technology has been developed.  A technology that has been developed comes usually comes from the research and development activities from the triple-helix actors (government, universities, and corporate) who invest in scientific projects that may solve a significant problem.  The new IDEs are created after a technology has been proven.  What technologies are we developing in the region?  A proxy of the answer to such a question may come from the IMPI statistics showing that patenting applications (by Mexicans) have been decreasing for Nuevo León (IMPI, 2021) in recent years, and similarly for the patenting activity at the country level (see the following table.)

Year →201820192020
Nuevo León -patent applications1008270
México (country) patent applications1,5551,3051,132
México (country) – granted patents457438397

The statistics show that about ⅓ of the patent applications are granted; if that is the case for Monterrey (or Nuevo León), a little bit more than twenty patents were granted in 2020.  This blog poses more questions than answers; what technologies are we developing in the region? Are those twenty patents enough to make a proprietary technology and an IDE using that technology?  Is the region making differentiable technologies and exploiting those technologies?  How can we relate the regions´ capability to create technology to the region´s capability to develop IDEs?   Can an IDE be created without the I (innovation-component)?  Therefore, who is in charge of developing innovation-driven entrepreneurship?