OPEN – Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC)


Spread your ideas in a fun way

Within the start-up community, an “elevator pitch” is a short summary of your business model, ideally delivered in less time than it takes to ride an elevator, but compelling enough to get a follow-up meeting. To win an investor’s heart, you have to get your own “elevator pitch” ready.

This competition will give startups opportunities to:

  • Win up to US$200K cash prizes in just 60 seconds
  • Meet potential business partners & investors individually
  • Attend intensive trainings

Who should apply

1a) Tech Start-ups less than 5 years old and received less than US$10 million in funding by 31 March 2021


1b) Individuals who have not yet established any companies

2) Focusing on one of these technology sectors:

  • FinTech

  • Green Tech & Construction Tech

  • Health Technology

  • Smart City

More information:

Deadlaine: sep 10