Demo Day Monterrey. Monterrey as the next entrepreneurship and financing HUB in México.

More than a year in a pandemic and economic crisis hasn’t been able to stop the technology and innovation- driven companies to create solutions for a changing and challenging market. In these uncertain times companies have adapted to the new way of working, investing and creating. Ideas still flow and technology still grows, and those ideas should be backed up and Demo Day Monterrey is doing something about it.

With new initiatives, entrepreneurs have worked non stop to create high impact startups and to potenziale their success there must be a support system from a community of entrepreneurial stakeholder organizations to provide resources and capital. During the entrepreneurial journey, companies decide to accelerate their growth and institutionalize themselves by raising capital from investors which is an enduring task. Here is where the Demo Day Monterrey initiative fulfills its purpose, created by the Monterrey REAP team, to democratize access to capital and facilitate the fundraising journey for founders with innovation and technology-driven companies.

What is Demo Day Monterrey?

Demo Day Monterrey is a Startup & Scale-Up pitch event that unites qualified founders in different stages with investors of the entire funding continuum. On Demo Day, selected founders of technology and innovation-driven companies present their companies in 5-minute pitches seeking exposure. This is a virtual event that takes place via YouTube Live on the last Tuesday of every month. Due to the virtual opportunity it grants more founders, investors, and community participants to join and be a part of the experience.

Accomplishments of Demo Day Monterrey

Since the first Demo Day in  April 2020, a total of 98 startups and scale-ups have pitched to an aggregate audience of +3500 participants and +100 investors. The total capital being raised is USD$83.8 M. The last two editions were successful, June being focused on early validation, and July centralized in an all- female entrepreneur edition, where consequently one investor asked for all seven of the Pitch Deck´s. The Team has grown during the years, and continues to work with 17 partners on a local, national and international scale. Startups from different parts of Latin America, including USA, have been looking to participate in the event, some of them are Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, Perú and more.

When is the next edition of Demo Day Monterrey?

The next edition of Demo Day Monterrey is on September 23rd, for the first time the event will be done on a Thursday and this is because this edition is being done in partnership with Monterrey Universities for Founders. The startups pitching at this event are from the university ecosystem, having a total of 8 pitches in different verticals. Register here for Demo Day Monterrey and here to register for the MTY Universities for Founders event from the 21st – 23rd of September.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for exposure or connections with other startups, investors or stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem feel free to join us or contact us at