Women as a natural entrepreneur

The progress in Women rights has had an exponential increase in recent years, however, society isn´t understand the terms of inclusion and Equality and Equity yet. Some years ago, an organization to which I belong, launched a contest to realize about the women´s inclusion in the Organization, I was shocked by this fact, that in the twenty first century, there are still people who queried the inclusion of women in any area of society.

One of the most interesting and important areas that increase the capability of women is the entrepreneurship. Nowadays we can find more women who has developed their entrepreneurships and has managed to scale them in competitive levels. I can notice that women have in her DNA characteristics of an entrepreneur, no matter what she studies, the age and the social environment, women are a natural entrepreneur. And not necessarily referring to the creation of companies. I am fundamentally referring to the characteristics of creativity, passion, vision, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, and risk management. This leads me to think that women carry entrepreneurship in their being as a birth characteristic. The first natural entrepreneur was my mother, memories of getting up early every morning to get to school, the effort to get the scholar materials, the costume made during the night to get ready the next day´s festival, the continuous support for homework and scholar doubts and her amazing creativity and imagination.

Her tireless search for development opportunities for us. Every time there was a crisis, she would get up and continue as if nothing happened. Also, she always mediated the risks of any adversity and had the courage and daring to face it. Simply by identifying opportunities, searching for resources, resilience and risk, my mother has always been an entrepreneur. Another very close example is my wife, with characteristics of order, cleanliness, perseverance, responsibility. Likewise, she identifies opportunities for improvement, always looking, with one of her sisters, for projects that lead to generate value, in family or crisis situations, the ability to get up again and take measured risks in situations. These are some of the characteristics that show me my wife as a natural entrepreneur. My mother and my wife, in addition to the characteristics, always see beyond the present, develop a vision of the future and prepare for what is to come. Likewise, they always have the courage to face adverse situations. These are two examples of which I am very proud, but like them, there are thousands of women with these characteristics. And others who, in addition to these characteristics, have created from nothing, successful companies or are leading organizations that generate value to society. Undoubtedly, we are in front of women, natural entrepreneurs, pride of the world. recognition to women!