University engagement in the entrepreneurship system in Monterrey

The innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Monterrey is moving fast. The universities in Monterrey have come together since 2019. They are sharing efforts on innovation and entrepreneurship issues because, in the first meetings held between the actors of the universities, the common need to work for the technological entrepreneurs of the region was shared- not just those who were enrolled in a university. The time dedicated to the actors envisioning and adopting the vision of this new project – that of making the region more innovative – has been fruitful since the collaboration is to achieve a greater good than that of the organization to which the actors belong. In fact, the actors are convinced that if the region becomes more competitive, the universities will be better, and we will attract more interesting technological projects.

The page where the information is shared is at MTY University for Founders – – where an initiative that has gained much strength is to promote and strengthen the participation of women in innovation and entrepreneurship in science and technology. We invite the reader to visit the page frequently, as the events are being offered more and more frequently. The next planned exercise is where the region’s industries expose their challenges, and the universities propose teams to solve the challenges. This type of exercise is needed so that university-business collaboration is consolidated and strengthened in the region, and more innovations of better quality are triggered. An event is held annually where university students can participate in innovation and entrepreneurship workshops and attend keynote speeches. In 2022 the third edition of the MTY University for Founders will be held, and we will be inviting you.